Video: Napoleon and the Purpose of Mourning on Tisha B’Av

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Pan con tomate

Barcelona has its favorite dish for sultry summer days and nights as a slice of toast rubbed with garlic and juicy rope tomatoes amounted with olive oil.

Ome can cut the tomatoe or simply grate the tomatoe flesh and spoon it over the bread.

This dish is typical of Catalan region .

Simply peel garlic and run them over bread and add puree tomatoes .

Some add anchovy fillets or the unmentionable dead pig.

I think this is just what is needed when sitting in the shade of a Mediterranean palm ,fig or olive tree .

Today happens to be the day Jews mark 1948 years since the destruction of the temple but if you believe in fasting for that date perhaps you can serve this as a dish served after the fast .

As I sit and write a very spoiled little girl 3 or 4 years old screams “schnitzel “!

The mother sooths her ..

What a great education of entitlement and then I sit and wonder how I was raised a child of the 1960’s to never ever eat out when it my life depend on it because you only way home cooked meals prepared by the very Jewish mother who would cook on Yom Kippur but as a holocaust survivor had a good excuse not to fast ,traumatised by the threat of hunger during WW2 and together with the socialist politics of always saving and always eating at home the scene of a family gathered to eat a lot day lunch on a day of fast for the destruction of the temple would not be possible .

I recall my mother fondly despite the traumas passed on ,I recall her mother’s viennese Schnitzel served with a slice of lemon but since I was a devout vegetarian by the time I got to visit Vienna,Austria with my son’s,I never did get to compare schnitzel.

I could never day no to my mother except to flee to her parents ‘ home or the country and now that I was back in Israel I read about the LGBT strike because gay men are excluded from having state sponsored egg donors.

The little girl screams and the mother and grandfather try to control her behavior .

I would not take her out in the first place .Children are born knowing how to push the buttons of their parents and as i recall my mother was tough as nails …

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Watch “Don’t let Life Situation absorb your Attention completely – Eckhart Tolle” on YouTube

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Watch “Social Experiment: “I Am A Gay – Will You Hug Me” || Shocking Reactions || #Ghanta Hai” on YouTube

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Reading Patanjali again

“What at one time may appear to be beneficial may turn out to be problem at a later stage. What we seek as a source of pleasure may turn out to have the opposite effect .

Tkings that must change ,lkke ths beauty of youth ,may be considered everlasting .What might be considered as the most important learning may ,in time ,price useless.”

Whad was I seeking

So many years ago ?


drilling in me

holes of hells

I once knew

Useless conversations

dead ends .

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Seems like

Seems like old times .

Tourists land like locusts

looking for something to eat .

You used to be beautiful

but then you missed

someone tells you

BUT you doubt you

missed life as he describes

You didn’t miss a thing

and life ,

It just begins.

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Be more positive

Be more positive

Listen to life

Feel the wind

Love life

Embrace hope !

I tell myself

And sometimes

I listen .

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