Dream and be your dream


and be

your dream.

Be your dream

Be you.

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Warm room

Warm room

A womb

We sleep

We dream

It could always be

Like this

This dark cave

Warm safe

Peaceful place

Far from the



We must awake

and leave

This womb

This nest

and meet

the challenges

of the day.

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Watch “Amy Winehouse – All My Loving (The Beatles) Best Quality [Remastered]” on YouTube

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“Look” she says

“Look”she says and shows me red heart shaped cookies her daughter had baked for family day /Valentine’s day but St . Valentine was a Christian victim of the Romans and weren’t we all in this small strip of land by the Mediterranean sea because of all the hate the combined Roman and Christians had learned to deliver towards all those who weren’t Roman or Christian .

I looked at the cookies I wasn’t offered anyway. She had a bright red lipstick and a bright special needs girl who would need even more protection from the cruel world. I had no idea how she had come to the world of a woman over 50 but she was just before puberty ,still a child in pigtails ,had curly hair and a dark complexion and no father .

I had guessed the girl had come from a sperm donor ,the woman was one of those women men never married ,she was too much her own person and seemed self centered and like the cookies I wasn’t offered,she only took from me every time I had run into her sharing another almost horrible moment when her child had come under threat and I knew that her great comfort would be that for the rest of the girl’s life she would be totally depended on her mother with the red lipstick no man had married and no woman would befriend too long because she did not give anyone cookies,she only said “look”.

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Watch “PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode Feb . 18, 2018” on YouTube

I think it is absurd that a high school principal where 17 people were killed by the gun fire of an extremely disturbed pupil is still working .The pupils don’t need hugs they need reassurance that no one will gun them down.

Why isn’t there a guard and a medal detector at the gate of the school after 80 such incidents this past year?

When a president is voted in who ignore gun control and is himself mentally unstable and unpredictable at least out a security guard in every school.

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Watch “Holding Up Wreckage of Iranian Drone, Netanyahu Warns to Act Against Tehran if Needed” on YouTube

Always using props or drawings ,a drawing of an atom bomb,a jar of pickles, now he brought a piece of the metal Iran sent Israel.

Perhaps he should get into teaching but I fear the answer :

“when will they ever learn?”

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The Names and Faces of the Florida School Shooting Victims – The New York Times


How does one write a eulogy for a 14,15,18 year old teenager ?!

It is tragic that only when they did a heroic death saving the lives of pupils fo teachers receive exposure, too often teachers do good and save lives unmentioned by the media and only those evil doers receive media exposure ,perhaps it is high time to profile more teachers who save lives daily by closely working with pupils and helping them unrewarded by society .

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