i’d rather

“I’d rather  learn  from one bird  HOW TO SING 

than teach ten thousand stars



You ,


who had taught me 

so many times 

how not to do

and how not to see

and how not to be

must now receive my gratitude ,

for having taught me this attitude ;

of how to be angry enough

to rewrite the story

of what will

one day


my life !


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Donald Trump’s dilemma

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism,] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce, that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before it spread to other European countries. Opposed to liberalism, Marxism, and anarchism, fascism is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.


Whenever you blame both sides of fascism 

in being violent, 

you truly miss the whole point 

That there is a RIGHT aiming to seek human rights

and a WRONG- which is always a call for violence against whoever opposes particular interests of accumulating wealth without limits.  

Violence towards the people who stand in the way of a so called neutral white washed society is justified by those who attempt to recruit people to protect a small group of privileged people who see themselves as having a G-d given right to rule, and make up their own rules ignoring any criticism . 

This violence facing a diverse society that speaks in many voices and is made up of 

different voices, different ways of thinking, different ways of being 

is never justified and is always to blame for acting to erase anything 

that stands in the way of one way, one way of being, and not a diversity. 

Violence in its core speaks of ME ME ME 

and nonviolence in its core is being WE WE WE

Violence comes from a place of separation 

of not FEELING 

of not SEEING 

of not willing to EXPERIENCE 

another being, 

it is the shoes of the EGO that acts to accumulate wealth 

and screw whoever you can 

because the purpose is always 


whereas nonviolence and a free society 

is trying to see others, to experience a diversity

to expand beyond the ME

whereas fascism acts to focus on the ego

blind to the diversity and to others’ needs 

only thinking of ONE need to be as great and large 

as possible at the expense of others 

less pushy, less able, less than yourself 

not in money but in opportunity.

Diversity sees and feels and is

whereas the single minded user 

is  deaf blind and dumb 

towards anything and anyone 

outside the circle of ME. 

Those demonstrating against the neo Nazis 

are breaking the circle of society of users 

of takers of ego focused ME

towards a great sea 

of being WE 



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not to do is to do

Not to do is to do 

not to see is to see

not to be is not a possibility 

your presence is your present 

and your past is behind you ,

the future is beyond this curtain 

of today, 

a surprising not surprising view

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Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in paradise

women men and children

Please take a shower before you go swimming

and although after swimming.

If you break the rules, I’m forced to close the swimming pool for you .”

Paradies apartments in Arosa, a beloved  Alpine vacation place amongst the ultra orthodox Jews had put up a sign telling the Jewish guests to shower before and after entering the swimming pool.

The hotel management had explained that the sign was a result of previous experience and was not meant to hurt the feelings of the orthodox guests..

First of all, the sign incident went all the way to the Israeli embassy and to the Jewish agency , causing the hotel management to apologise and to explain that it was not because of any anti-Semitic sentiments but due to previous experience so what does that mean?

If some orthodox jews do not shower before entering the swimming pool, it means that all orthodox jews should be informed? 

It could be that lack of knowledge of the ways of orthodox Jews had led to the sign 

assuming that orthodox Jews do not shower before entering a swimming pool, but that is by itself an odd assumption that reminded me questions i had encountered while living in Switzerland about whether all Jewish women wear wigs ,and where was mine? etc. 

There is no excuse for focusing rules towards a specific ethnic/ religious  group however i do wonder what makes ultra orthodox Jews seek the Swiss Alps as a vacation place?

I always wondered why would anyone choose to vacation in Switzerland unless they were extremely wealthy and/or insensitive to possible racist comments since the Swiss are notorious for their racist attitudes ; who else would hang up posters where a WHITE sheep kicks out a BLACK sheep? The right wing SVP party of Switzerland hangs up posters with a clear racist theme of WE against THEM, themes that scream of the extreme right Nationalist politics.

Switzerland hosts neo Nazis rallies that are forbidden over the border in Germany and Austria, where anti-Semitic slogans are screamed and sang by extreme right parties. 

Why would  ultra orthodox Jews seek to spend their vacation not only in one of the most expensive places on earth but one of the two countries in Europe where Kosher slaughter is against the law ?

Why would Ultra Orthodox Jews seek to spend their vacation in a country that supported the Nazis during WW2 and funded the Nazi murder machine and initiated stamping “J” on passports of Jews thus making it nearly  impossible for Jews to escape Nazi occupied countries ? 

Why would Ultra Orthodox Jews seek to spend their vacation in a country that banned and punished severely Swiss officers who had helped Jewish refugees escape Nazi occupation  in neighbouring European countries during WW2?

Why would Ultra Orthodx Jews seek to spend their vacation in a country where the banks hid the accounts of deceased victims of the Nazis and then fought legally against a decision to return the money to Jewish organisations?

Ultra Orthodox Jews own buildings in zurich, they own properties and run them and are notorious in being very selective, one such case is an Israeli single mother with a dog who did not fit in their categories of black and white vision of Jews, who was denied a possibility of renting an apartment in the Jewish area so the children could attend the only Jewish school in the area that is not Orthodox , that woman was me. 

Ultra Orthodox Jews living in Zurich not only did not rent to me, but the non orthodox jews did not help me in finding employment as a teacher, i had worked as a teacher in USA, but since i am not Ultra Orthodox Jew nor  was married to a jew  of a high social status , i could not find employment , nor was i welcomed socially into their inner circles which included only families where both the mother and father were Jews earning considerable salaries and of a certain life style; i was an odd ball; without servants , without a car, with a dog of mixed breed, and unmarried with children, therefore my chances of being accepted into the mainstream Jewish community were zero, even though i am a teacher with a Masters degree in Education, it was the wife of the Rabbi who to to teach, and the Ultra orthodox teachers who graduated from a one year teaching seminar who got to teach in the same style of Poland from the 18th century school house, not i. 

I had lived in Switzerland for 20 years before realising that i had ZERO chance of ever getting near a Jewish community social circle, being TOO left for the right wing being divorced and having married a non Jew and having led an open  liberal lifestyle  , and too Right wing nationalist for the extreme left liberal community busy denouncing Israeli policies . 

Switzerland in some ways IS a perfect paradise for the Ultra Orthodox, the idea to stamp the passports of Jews with the letter “J” is a typical outcome of Swiss way of thinking which is based on classification , everything is sorted into neat little drawers, and G-d help anyone who spills over the tiny drawer of being this or other stereotype. 

The only problem the Ultra Orthodox Jews have in Switzerland is that their labelling and placing everyone into neat little drawers of a Jew; must only marry a jew, must dress alike, think alike, earn a lot to fit in the closed social circle , is that the Swiss have their own little drawers, it is therefore quite ironic that the Ultra Orthodox should make such a fuss about discrimination since they are experts in discrimination and in labelling and in rejecting anyone who does not fit in their neat little drawers; homosexuals, reform Jews, single mothers, women who marry nonjews, divorced women , people who are not wealthy business people, etc. etc. 

The Israeli ambessy did not answer my emails complaining of discrimination in seeking a place to live near the Jewish zionist school , nor did they show interest in the plight of my children to be able to travel to Israel during a lengthy and very discriminatory divorce process with an extreme right wing swiss Judge who was clearly in favor of the west European nonJewish father despite domestic  violence because he was a teacher with a good swiss lawyer paid by his wealthy business man father.

Screaming discrimination  by the Ultra Orthodox is rather ironic since that is what they do in every act of life amongst us less holy beings, discriminating against anyone who is not carbon copy ultra orthodox Jew, not welcoming them, not renting to them, not talking to them and not doing business with them so why are they so horrified when they meet their match ?




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Stuck in time

Not recognized

An appointment

A disappointment 

Missing the point

Not having a point



Not seeing


Water lillies

Some blind watchman

Walks the night


Not to see

But to be

In time 


To frequencies

The cars

You never drive

Will take you


You have never been



Never been to


Stuck in time

Wings unable

To fly



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Someone reads there words

Someone reads these words

Not knowing 

how difficult it is to release



Too easily I neglect them

And they escape

And fly away

And I can only remember

what it felt like

Once upon a time

when I was a legendary figure

in a story someone 


About me

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I wait

I wait while a lady 

dressed in shocking apricot

Takes a long time 

to decide which sandwich

And which coffee 

to order,

And I sense the irritation

building inside of me

Is seeing a mirror image

Making others wait

While i love in a very private


I sit  seeing the sea

Another lady complains

about  the heat 

And I just point to

the beautiful blue view

“But just look at this!”

A heavyset man waits for her

with two small children

No one waits for me

But the beautiful blue


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