A history lesson:who was Rabbi Kook?

“I speak not because i have the power to speak but because i don’t have the power to be silent.”

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You can be anything you want to be sort of thinking

“I don’t speak because i have the power of speech, i speak because i don’t have the power to be silent”

-Rabbi Avraham Kook


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you walked up the staircase, 

i waited knowing 

you were there,

and there was hope, 

a lot of hope 

and though i was disappointed 

so many times before, 

i thought this time 

 you just might 


come up the stairs 

and see me…


i am still waiting

awakening from a dream



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When Assad the Psycho is elected for the UN human rights committee, what can you expect?

U.S. Pulls Out of UNESCO, Citing Anti-Israel Bias 
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Depression reduced by social belonging, feelings of inclusion – BayArt


There is no doubt in my mind as I leave a friendly work place that a feeling of social isolation contributed to bad health and especially amongst the elderly.

My own mother had been abandoned by my heartless brother who for some unexplained reason had postponed the plans of having an ill women with a brain stroke move in with him and his family.

I had lived abroad at the time alone with my three children.

My brother hurried with my mother to a lawyer to change the will but not to take her in,leaving the elderly frail woman ALL ALONE but he was quick to take in all her assets and finances.

I wonder how anyone can treat a mother like a bank automat neglecting her all alone ill and frail?

The answer came to me in fierce denials and more and more lies.

A case for an enlightened judge.

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You smell like cheap

Man’s cologne

And you clogg up my arteries

With your long soliloquys

You think you are so


a roaring grey tiger,

But to me

You are a bothersome old fool

who tries to impress

A person who has grown

Cynical and also quite sensitive

to the scent of an old hunter

Who smells like cheap after shave

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Just how many people

Live near where they

had first saw the night of day?


i can’t say

But just the other day

I found out

I was one of those people

Who tried to figure out

Where they had come from

and where they are heading towards,

And it’s back home

For me

Till I finally figure out

Who I was

And who I want

to be.

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