Ode to Yosef ,my fake facebook friend

The phone rings

A strange voice of a man introduces himself as Yosef from Beer Sheva, the distant southern biblical city .

“Where do I know you from ?

I ask

And the simple elderly working man states

“From Facebook

I am seeking a friend !”

Oh boy,i think ,are you ever barking up the wrong tree ..

why would Yosef assume I would be interested in being his friend when we had not even liked one another’s posts and risking sounding arrogant

I am So out of his league !

Yused,a simple worker ,construction,factory or store keeper ,clearly uneducated ,a simple man who votes for the current Israeli prime minister ,eats meat, thinks dogs should be tied to a post outside and street cats collected and dumped somewhere far away..he expects woman to be cleaning washing cooking and silently joint him on trips to a huge supermarket where he purchases lots of meat for barbques and soft drinks and maybe beer

Yosef makes his own hummus,spends hours watching soccer and reality shows on tv,gambles money on soccer games and owns an old car that needs constant repair and takes up most of his time.

No,Yosef ,I am not interested in being your friend .only on Facebook where it is all fake anyway

But i know you can not read this since you don’t know English .

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‘I had a dark day’ says nursery teacher charged with toddler abuse


Last week the media was busy with the rape of a seven year old ultra orthodox girl and a smear campaign of her school’s Palestinian maintenance man in who was accused of the rape.

The Palestinian man ,a resident of the Palestinian territories, was media centerfold ;his photo and name were all over the news…in sharp contrast to an Israeli elementary teacher who chose to lock the classroom expose his private parts to FIRST grade girls and tell them to touch his private parts as part of his “lesson” in a religious school in central Israel whose identity was kept secret and respected.

Then the Ethiopian community in Israel blocked roads and burned down a private car and attacked him Ethiopians and THAT made headlines and this week the lawyer of a kindergarten teacher -without any qualifications -accused the media of trying to divert the public’s attention from the reports of the riots that were triggered by the Ethiopian youth shot to death by an off duty police officer in the North

The cruel details of the kindergarten teacher UNFORTUNATELY were only an extreme case of violence that is present in Israeli society on many levels .

Having lived in the German part of Switzerland I had prefered to send my children to an ultra orthodox chabad preschool .One son came home when he was two and a half telling me his teacher had slapped him.

For years my son had recalled the slap every time we passed the kindergarten central location , that also caused me to keep him home where he and i enjoyed shopping together at the supermarket and i waited till he was old enough to enter kindergarden where once again trouble brewed as an unprofessional ultra orthodox kindergarten teacher at the local mainstream Zurich jewish community forced him to sit and draw and did not being into consideration that the head of a Jewish child is attached to his body that needs to run around like every healthy child .

As an attempt to repair the past abd since the Jewish community in Zurich were colder than the north pole towards us,my son had a bar mitzva ceremony with the same ultra orthodox stream as the one who had hired the slapping kindergarten teacher .

The Swiss ,by the way,allow violence in school unofficially and we did encounter it again and again so the Jewish community school system was the lesser evil .

As a person who spent THREE years in Boston exploring my creativity working in various private kindergartens I wrote a thesis on creativity but sadly it is destruction that seems to be the theme in many so called education system .

A graffiti writing on the wall somewhere in Zurich,Switzerland declared that “the only good system is a sound system ”

While I am a self declared nonconformist i conclude that the recent exposure of violence towards babies and toddlers are not random acts of evil but sadly a result of a society that allows violence and disrespects the individual and has no values of compassiom towards helpless beings like babies toddlers kittens puppies .

Dogs and cats are routinely abused and tortured throughout the middle east and the world but this region of constant political and religious conflicts excels in cruelty towards the vulnerable of society .

Switzerland too had its share of cruelty in nursing homes however the school system’s violent teachers are protected by laws and their deeds swept under the carpet .

Cruelty towards vulnerable being make headlines throughout the USA;domestic violence murder and illegal underaged immigrants ,and in Europe the children are still beaten as part of the European education of repression .

Here in Israel the violence towards infants and toddlers and animals comes from frustration and the lack of law and order .

The Israeli court system is notorious for leniency towards domestic violence and long waiting list for court date as well as overpaid lawyers’s fees which makes the wheels of justice turn rarely in favor of the vulnerable victims of violence .

The social workers in Israel are overworked underpaid and ineffective like their colleagues around the world.

The Swiss use violence as a way to cultivate their great faith in order no matter what the price ,so hitting children is considered a minor problem compared to the break down of the sacred rules of behavior and the motto that children ought to be seen and not heard .

The Israelis’ break down of law and order allows violence, but the root cause of both the Swiss and Israeli ‘s tolerance of violence towards children stem from the same spot cause of a priority list where vulnerable beings who dont make a profit are at the very bottom of the list .

Who cares if a kitten or child is violated by force of an adult human being ,even one employed to guard their safety ?

Young children ,dogs ,cats and the elderly are viewed as a financial burden by the cruel capitalism that dictates how to treat others and so don’t expect anything to change any time soon ,not as long as money matters more than souls and vulnerability is viewed ad a disadvantage in the financially

competitive jungle near you .

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Who are you ?

Reading me

Ignoring me

Looking the other way

Seemingly caring about me

But not giving a damn

My neighbor

My colleague

My possible friend

turned foe

Who are you?

Reading me

deceiving me

not caring

about me

but caressing

gently my words

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Wild horses

The wild horses

rage in your mind

racing to nowhere

in particular


We’ll get there



Last night I received photos from a visit, a meeting by the sea..photos that were sent as a message ..

This morning i came across a woman riding a bike with a cup of coffee in one hand .

“All you are missing is a mobile phone in the other hand ”

I had muttered under my breath which served as a match to ignite a fire .

“Excuse me for living “said the woman playing the victim

Riding a bike on a narrow sidewalk where elderly people walk their dogs where young children walk to summer camp where mothers push babies in buggies etc etc

Is it safe to ride a bike with one hand while the other holds a cup of coffee?

Nothing is safe !the behavior of Israelis seem to scream .

I watch with horror a young mother take her young 4 year old daughter on narrow tortinette in a busy road full of fast driving cars and the small family dog is tucked between her legs !

I watch a man let two large shepherd dogs chase his bike on a busy street and the list goes on and on ..

Wild horses seem to gallop the street I Tel Aviv or maybe it is indifference .

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Samuel B. Cat-obsession

So last night I managed to get away from the sharp little white teeth and went swimming at the sea.

As I was on my way home a small tiger striped kitten hopped on a familiar way and i stopped and had to make sure that kitten wasn’t my two months old kitten Samuel B.Cat named after the writer of absurd drama .

It was past sunset and the cats gathered to feed on the generosity of cat feeders ,those selfless souls who leave cat food at stretgical points wherever cats gather ..

On the one hand cats have ideal conditions in Tel Aviv ,Israel :week weather guarantees plenty of wildlife and birds they can hunt but the city also offers bike riders and cars and human beings invading their living space.

Samuel B. Cat has a small sweet face social psychology researchers claim is the most attractive for human beings ;large eyes ,a tiny nose and a small smilmg mouth .

I watch Samuel B. Cat and i see a tiger burning bright ,evolution left the domesticated version with smaller teeth forunately but also with the same features as the tiger that walk a restless back and forth in his cage .

Is the dimesticated cat free?

My answer ;

Like mankind ,we are born free but live in the cages of society along with our animal friends .

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Women -fears

What do write about?

My fear

My greatest fear

that I will disappear

And all that will remain

Will be a sterotype

A servant

A server

A table cloth

An oven

A prisoner of the kitchen

When the ocean

calls me to sail away,

Society calls me

to stay the same

Way .

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Hot as hell

The holy land

The noise of children


The noise of garbage trucks

pidling up trash

The noise of workers

loading wood and metal

unto trucks


Human idiocy

and noise

Lots and lots

of noise

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The Bus

bumping along

The traffic jams

Jamming away

and in your heart

A dark black hole

Asking for more

And more and more

Something to fill

the empty space


Somewhere to hide

the pain eating you

from that dark empty numb space


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Samuel B.Cat eats Beigale

Samuel B. Cat chews on me and bites me and so i found a solution to the problem by giving him hard Israeli pretzels calked beigale.

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SA among the top 10 sexiest nations in the world


sorry but it seems to me the term” sexy nation “-can be very misleading .

Canadians sexy?really?!

The little contact I have had with Canadians I found them dull and a was mixture of Americans without the joy of life culture and movie industry .Sure they have Leonard Cohen AND Jonie Mitchell but NUMBER 10?

UKrainians may be number one if sexy means desperate pencil thin women and alcoholic men ..I thought my ancestors were from Ukraine then my heritage placed my paternal great great grandfather in Lithuania …way at the bottom in terms of sexy nation.

Ok;here is my take on sexy nation -those are nations that inspire the image as easy going attractiveness ,someone a traveller can imagine staying for and so here is my list based on real live encounters while travelling though not intimate connections .

Most sexy nations :











When I was a teenager in New York i woud hear this little street poem

“Black is beautiful

Brown is hip

yellow is getting there

But white aint shit

In terms of sexy I think African people must be at the top of any list.

I find most Anglosaxons lacking this immediate attractiveness so out go the Canadians ,Australians but I am very fond of Celtic people -the Irish and Scottish are charmers .

As I said my statistics is not based on experience since I only dated Israeli and married a Dutch man -conservative white west European-NOT especially thrilling but as I watch the Ethiopians who now joined the Israeli tribe I find them very attractive and if I were young I would consider them worthy of a spin but as I am in the sexy mind sphere I would say I prefer to define sexy as healthy and again African people would be the top of the list but not South Africans whites .The accent is nice but not the racist background of white settlers in Africa .

Brazilian? They look good but too much drama .

Philippines are very nice people but Thai are far more attractive physically in my opinion.

There should be an Asian representative and division to male and female .

Indian women are the most attractive in my opinion and carribean men like Bob Marley.

What is your top10 sexy nation list ?

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