Watch “Shaar Harachamim-The Gate of Mercy-Meir Banai-English+Hebrew Lyrics-מאיר בנאי-שער הרחמים” on YouTube

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Who is responsible?,7340,L-3083,00.html

Jerusalem is under siege of terrorists claiming it is their capital

The terrorists receive support he almost every nation in the U.N.

Donald Trump simply clarified whose city it is but the terrorists claim the city through violence justified by the U.N.


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The fall

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a well

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

and all the king’s men and all the

king’s horses could not out him

together again.”

-Mother Goose

Sunday morning so I had a great fall,fall while chasing my dog and as I sat there overwhelmed by pain my torn pants and knee I sort of waited for someone to reach down and offer me a hand ..didn’t I always say that in Israel contrary to Europe,people help each other?

I looked up to the deeply blue sky with its floating sheep shaped clouds and realized a sentence “we can only depend on our father in heaven,the almighty “and so I felt a tug,maybe it was him but some would say it was me,I picked myself up dusted the red brown earth and got up limping .

One dog came and sniffed me,the other ignored me.

I limped home with my torn pants

“You are in fashion “said a son of a friend as I recaptured the ordeal..

I limped to work curipus what may ahead …blue skies looked down are as if whisping “be careful”

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Watch “Former student surprises 3rd grade teacher 40 years later” on YouTube

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Watch “Matisyahu – Sunshine” on YouTube

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The city of peace

Thousands of years before there ever was a religion called Islam King David built a city called “Jerusalem “-The city of peace.

Archeological evidence as well as documents testify to a presence of the ancient Hebrews who were occupied by foreign armies and send into exiles twice.

Don’t believe me or G-d,but go official historical documents.

Not only were the Jews living in the kingdom of Judea THOUSANDS of years before the prophet of Islam first saw the light of day but the Jews remained faithful to their origin and pray to Jerusalem with the same passion the Moslems pray to Mecca which is in Saudi Arabia so why do the Moslems want Jerusalem ?

The answer is very simple.

Have you ever asked yourself how come there are one and half BILLION Moslems,two BILLION Christians and only 14 million Jews ?

The answer is that both Christianity and Islam FORCED people to convert and took over vast territories where they established countries .

The historical evidence testifying to the origin of the Hebrew nation is clear but if Islam and Christianity allow the truth to be recognized then the truth about their miserable violent roots will also be exposed so rootless people riot across the world protesting the revelation of the truth and it takes one child  not to say the emperor is naked while the masses cheer for the false clothing which is their false history

History does not go back 200 years it goes back 3,000 years .

The attempts of the Palestinians to take over the Jewish land and city built 3,000years who by the Jews have been exposed and the masses are angry rightfully because to face their history is to face deceit lies and violent conversions and land take overs which have never been a Jewish tradition.

The Jews just want to live in their TINY land in peace ,not more and no less.

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Watch “Amazing Dog Help the Owner Workout | So FUNNY!” on YouTube

Mine usually wants something..


To play

To go outside

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