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You can be anything you want to be sort of thinking

“I don’t speak because i have the power of speech, i speak because i don’t have the power to be silent” -Rabbi Avraham Kook   Advertisements

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Bingo: where you start and where you end

One of the phases of early development in every baby is to learn to differentiate himself or herself from the mother figure, though this speaker does not go back to developmental psychology but quote Fromme and Maslow of self actualisation ;  But … Continue reading

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st. George is gone

The news of George Michael’s death at 53 disturbed the Christmas  holiday prolonged imprisonment . I was never a fan of the fun loving entertainer who had serious  social issues hidden in the texts of his songs about the lack … Continue reading

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Georges gorgeous music

Au village, sans prétention, J’ai mauvaise réputation ; Que je me démène ou je reste coi, Je pass’ pour un je-ne-sais-quoi. Je ne fais pourtant de tort à personne, En suivant mon ch’min de petit bonhomme ; Mais les brav’s … Continue reading

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The greatness of gratitude

There’s this story that when we are grateful and say thank you for what we HAVE, then the universe, or G-d, or whatever higher forces you envision or just think are magnetic forces etc. decide to give you more of … Continue reading

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what we know

What we know  meets  what we feel  and clash  and fall  and roll  and sometimes  it’s good not to see  rationality rationalizing  what you feel  to be true  and what everybody says  they already know..

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Watch “Who does control the world? – Noam Chomsky” on YouTube

There was a time i would not be giving him one minute ,now i am all ears,i want to understand the mess and the violence of the manipulated masses. I jumped when he mentioned Israel and the so called occupied … Continue reading

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