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Forgiveness explored again: it is good for you !

“we can not change the past but we can not change our attitude towards it” -Maya Angelou “Forgive your enemies,  nothing annoys  them so  much” -Oscar Wilde It is the most important lesson in life you will ever learn and practice … Continue reading

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why forgiving makes so much sense

Forgive; not because the other side is right  but because otherwise it means you will be attached  to the object of your hate for as long as you hate. Detach from hate by forgiving , by letting go of hate  because … Continue reading

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Wolfgang heals through music

Here is wolfgang playing one of my favourite musical pieces;  Listen to this music and you will not know stress, anxiety or worry,  just flowing musical notes like a river without any blocks or barriers! Wolfgang is a medical doctor too … Continue reading

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How to avoid joining a sect and becoming a victim of domestic violence following ten simple rules

1. Embrace your solitude and use it to explore your spiritual path in a room alone with God  2. Avoid spending any time with family members who wish to sell you to the Ishmaelites  Joseph, son of Israel (Jacob) and Rachel, … Continue reading

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Divorce during the holidays :prognosis

Many  divorced families will be spending the holidays in complicated arrangements  and since joining the statistics, i have discovered that when i google world statistics i found that there is a state called Palestine but not Israel, according to a website claiming to be divorce science, … Continue reading

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shining too

Thank you, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz!   Despite his debilitating disease, the Rabbi writes a blog every week using his eyes and computer technology to spread the light of learning, The Rabbi’s  family had  found the song he had recorded on … Continue reading

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Disfunctional- defined lived and grieved

I was thinking what i learned most about having lived within my particular family and it was difunctional , it meant that whatever you feel is never accepted or varified or understood, and years of practice makes you a real expert on … Continue reading

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