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Wolfgang heals through music

Here is wolfgang playing one of my favourite musical pieces;  Listen to this music and you will not know stress, anxiety or worry,  just flowing musical notes like a river without any blocks or barriers! Wolfgang is a medical doctor too … Continue reading

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How to avoid joining a sect and becoming a victim of domestic violence following ten simple rules

1. Embrace your solitude and use it to explore your spiritual path in a room alone with God  2. Avoid spending any time with family members who wish to sell you to the Ishmaelites  Joseph, son of Israel (Jacob) and Rachel, … Continue reading

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Divorce during the holidays :prognosis

Many  divorced families will be spending the holidays in complicated arrangements  and since joining the statistics, i have discovered that when i google world statistics i found that there is a state called Palestine but not Israel, according to a website claiming to be divorce science, … Continue reading

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shining too

Thank you, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz!   Despite his debilitating disease, the Rabbi writes a blog every week using his eyes and computer technology to spread the light of learning, The Rabbi’s  family had  found the song he had recorded on … Continue reading

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Disfunctional- defined lived and grieved

I was thinking what i learned most about having lived within my particular family and it was difunctional , it meant that whatever you feel is never accepted or varified or understood, and years of practice makes you a real expert on … Continue reading

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where are you ?

ריבונו של עולם אם נדבר גלויות        Ruler of the world ,if we speak honestly לפעמים אין לי כח בעולמך להיות       sometimes i don’t have strength in your world to be אנה מפנך אסתתר?   … Continue reading

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places to live

A couple of weeks ago i saw a t.v. show comparing prices in Tel Aviv;Israel  and Berlin , Germany . One young Israeli who had moved to Berlin was sent to a local supermarket while an Israeli had gone shopping at a … Continue reading

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