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Opinion: Why I, an Israeli Jew Who Lost Family in Auschwitz, Assimilated had this article to offer paying subscribers..however since i was not a paying subscriber i decided to use the provacative title to trigger thoughts about the topic since i was after all, an Israeli jew who lost family in … Continue reading

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“We transgressed human rights by land theft, apartheid, and our  joker: the bad coscious of Europe” Another poster that accuses Israel of crimes that the countries of the region commit themselves, there are No Jews living in most of the middle … Continue reading

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Watch “Survivors Remember Kristallnacht: Susan (Hilsenrath) Warsinger” on YouTube

For me personally a very difficult moment for me had been a comment i heard from a German woman at a hairdresser in Germany by a woman just 10 years or so older than me , ,obviously not having lived … Continue reading

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UNESCO Unbelievably counterproductivity

The other day i saw young swiss collecting donations from the swiss walking by the main train  station , they carried a banner of UNESCO so i thought people should know where their money  the donations towards helping those needing help … Continue reading

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Nobody likes

Nobody likes the Americans in Europe  nobody can understand why they are here  when they could be there  in their land of dreams  near where they make movies  out of what people dream . Nobody likes the Americans in Europe,  they lack … Continue reading

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she suffers from depression and being a lesbian in  a swiss conservative closet I suffer from swiss conservative and my own self doubting voice,the voice deeply implented by my mother and maternal aunts: lazy,hazy ,not steady. she found a community … Continue reading

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Obama, Clintons Among World Leaders to Attend Shimon Peres’ Funeral in Israel – Israel News – The list of those attending the funeral is impressive ; heads of states,presidents,the prince of England and the queen and Prime minister of Holland,Jordan and Egypt might send representatives but the Palestinians are not showing signs ,their repressing represenative … Continue reading

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