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MainJudaismShoftim: The beginning and end of thoughts Shoftim: The beginning and end of thoughts Who doesn’t struggle with thoughts? Steven Genack, 15/08/18 23:43 | updated: 14:40 Share Steven Genack Mr. Genack is the author of the upcoming book, Articles, Anectodes & … Continue reading

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why i love Tony Robbins

I love Tony Robbins because : 1 ) He comes from a challenging background and came out stronger as a result, he was raised by an abusive  alcoholic mother and had a difficult childhood and yet he challenged himself and became … Continue reading

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some things

Some things make me weaker :  Thinking AND writing about a former  friend ,  writing and contacting an old friend  asking;  can you care about me NOW ?  Some things make me stronger;  Not thinking about why bad things happen … Continue reading

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Watch “Abraham Hicks – Trump Has No Power Or Influence Over You” on YouTube

Last week we attended a lecture on the law of attraction and how our thoughts program a reality. Here is one great example how one man with the help of a rigged system had managed to reach the highest office … Continue reading

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“Wherever light radiates, it does not find darkness. For light, darkness does not exist. Wherever darkness spreads, it does not find light. For darkness, light does not exist. In a time yet to come, the two shall meet and know … Continue reading

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Watch “Rabbi Benzion Klatzko: Can Jews Missionize to the Gentile?” on YouTube

Words glossary: Hashem-The name-G-d ‘s name in Jewish sources and conversations. Chesed-grace Goy-nonjew Yid-jew(not always a nice term.) Moshe rabenu-Moses our teacher Chocham-wisemam or elder Maarat hamichpala-the cave where the Abrahamic fathers and mothers are buried in Hevron. Kiddush hashem-blessing … Continue reading

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good deeds bees

You don’t have to be tall, to stand tall, nor do you need to be flooded by sunlight to catch a ray of sunshine, but to be a sunflower, i took notes the other day, you need to be open … Continue reading

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