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buried and recovering

Buried and recovering,  I too wish to be buried beneath the middle eastern sun and come out again instead of having to run to another place another loss  of identity another loss another recovery Mike Parr, the Australian artist, at … Continue reading

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scapegoat in German

Scapegoat is German is Sündenbock ,the goat that is used for blame for one’s sins. The origin of the phrase is in the Bible, the old testament. Scapegoats rarely change, once it is established a certain group or individual is … Continue reading

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Moma makes a stand!

“The role of art is to clean the dust off  ordinary  life” -Picasso  “President Trump’s executive order banning travel and rescinding visas for citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations does not lack for opponents in New York — from Kennedy Airport, … Continue reading

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a drawing with a footprint

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Watch “An illustrator explains the art of making pictures speak to children” on YouTube

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The artist’s way-day 2

“I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering;surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy!”    -Louise Bogan Posted from WordPress for Android

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The artist’s way:day one

“The artist’s way”by Julia Cameron. After being told for years i should read this book.Here we are. I liked this quote: “The position of the artist is humble.He is essentiallly a channel.”    – Piet Mondrian “The music of this … Continue reading

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