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I loved

I loved the person you were meant to be, I loved the country that had  meant to be paradise , i loved the life we could have led , had all the good intentions not turned out to be lies,  … Continue reading

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someday we’ll know: Swiss social services revisited

“Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart? Who holds the stars up in the sky? Is true love just once in a lifetime? Did the captain of the Titanic cry? Oh, Someday we’ll know If love can move a mountain Someday we’ll … Continue reading

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marrying a male Medea:the dire consequences

Medea did not mind  who got hurt  as long as she got revenge which meant basically  causing pain as a daily refrain. Medea saw only “me “ in the refrain of what life  once shared turned out to be; oh … Continue reading

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Divorce during the holidays :prognosis

Many  divorced families will be spending the holidays in complicated arrangements  and since joining the statistics, i have discovered that when i google world statistics i found that there is a state called Palestine but not Israel, according to a website claiming to be divorce science, … Continue reading

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The road

“The road to recovery is always under construction “ -Lily Tomlin And i feel that the road towards words is always under revision…i have been doing a lot of that lately. One one hand one must write like a river, flowing unblocked … Continue reading

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Watch “”You don’t bring me flowers anymore”-For Angelina” on YouTube

for Angelina Jolie Posted from WordPress for Android

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Thoughts about Brangelina

It’s never about the other person, it is always about yourself.  I thought i would start by writing to Angelina,  Dear Angelina,  I really think you are a great woman, i thought you were very brave to have decided to undergo operations … Continue reading

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