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Transgender :Medical or psychological ?

    The question is whether giving hormones to young children the only option ? The question whether we are brainwashed by an ideology that ignores that health risks involved in a medical treatment to treat a psychological topic. The … Continue reading

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waking up

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Wolfgang heals through music

Here is wolfgang playing one of my favourite musical pieces;  Listen to this music and you will not know stress, anxiety or worry,  just flowing musical notes like a river without any blocks or barriers! Wolfgang is a medical doctor too … Continue reading

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How to avoid joining a sect and becoming a victim of domestic violence following ten simple rules

1. Embrace your solitude and use it to explore your spiritual path in a room alone with God  2. Avoid spending any time with family members who wish to sell you to the Ishmaelites  Joseph, son of Israel (Jacob) and Rachel, … Continue reading

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sugar -the western world’s poison

It somehow escaped my awareness so it was only when my yoga teachers trainer brought it to my attention that i began to realise that sugar can be harmful on so many levels  Tooth decay and the condition of the teeth … Continue reading

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filling- empty

A piece of gum  and you were out;  my filling fell  and left a  large gap , a loss is a loss is a loss,  and so i mourn my filling  that fell so suddenly  and left me feeling  empty..- … Continue reading

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coming to Kyburg :Hike challenge day three

Cleaning one place  always causes more chaos in another so i could not find my battery recharger so there are few photos and none of the castle but google came to my rescue ..but after almost having slipped off a … Continue reading

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Watch “Dog owners summer tip for hot days : dip your dog in water !” on YouTube

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Esther on the line

First there was Esther from Israel,she  studied at the C.G.Jung institute and offered a free session in an office she rents. She was very business like and tried not to act in any way friendly,god forbid she be confused with … Continue reading

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La vie en rose-Pink Ribbon Switzerland does not have a lot of shopping centers but sihlcity this weekend is hosting the pink ribbon charity raising money for breast cancer research .  When you walk in the shopping center there is the friendly female table with one lone … Continue reading

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