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Defending the rights of {Christ mess }trees

Everyone can find bits of them selves in the archetypes of that cult  t.v. show  “Friends”  Naturally i  found Phoebe as my archetype  ;  her defense of helpless christmas  trees is actually not as  funny as it sounds; Besides the dire problem … Continue reading

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the way of the world

“The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth will be ruined?” Rabbi Yosef Carmel To those who seek to feel the world;  a poem instead of a discussion ;   But we are not absolved of the punishment  of … Continue reading

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it’s so easy

it’s so easy  to let go and pretend  you dont know , it ‘s so easy to call someone else crazy for not wanting to let go of what was once and never will be again just a simple friend … Continue reading

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what we know

What we know  meets  what we feel  and clash  and fall  and roll  and sometimes  it’s good not to see  rationality rationalizing  what you feel  to be true  and what everybody says  they already know..

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Blessings for the first woman president of the USA and leader of the free world!

Mazal Tov to the first woman president of the United States of America.  No more racist calls  No more” Jew S A” calls by stupid uneducated racists No more rule of racism No more KKK endorsing politicians No more extreme religious … Continue reading

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challaha for shabbat″ youtube offers various youtube clips to teach you how to bake a challah  for shabbat.  Interesting to note that Ch-allah, had the Arab word for G-d  within it “Allaha”, a fact that perhaps some Orthodox jews might not find a … Continue reading

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Watch “Chief Brooks” on YouTube

Mel Brooks Yiddish speaking Indian blessing “Der schwarzes”with “Sei gesund”-Be healthy.. Posted from WordPress for Android

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