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How i got kicked out of prison

It felt good to have this little plastic card that declared to anyone who cared to know that i worked at the prison .  It did not matter that i did not hold heavy keys to keep dangerous criminals away … Continue reading

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L’Oiseau Et l’Enfant

L’oiseau et l’enfant Comme un enfant aux yeux de lumière Qui voit passer au loin les oiseaux Comme I’oiseau bleu survolant la terre Vois comme le monde, le monde est beau. Beau le bateau dansant sur les vogues, Ivre de … Continue reading

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Watch “Hijab Challenge Zurich” on YouTube

This is a really cool idea organized by a forum for increasing tolerance called I saw a similar project organized in Israel between Russian jewish women and Arab Israeli women cooking together and wearing headscarves. Tolerance is taught. Someone … Continue reading

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The september 11talk

ok i might be a bit toucy and sensitive but i really did not see it coming,the conspiracy theory as Mark Twain said that the difference between a lie and a cat is that a cat  only has nine lives. … Continue reading

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The case for zionism:a personal account

“If you want ,it is no legend”    -Theodore Herzel (Roughly translated by me.) Meandoring free associations It’s funny,i think, how i am so much my father’s daughter ,but even though my late father, had been buried in his family … Continue reading

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Meandering thoughts about mothering

“MOTHER,I had you but you never had me.”    -John lennon Trigger:An horrific case where a German mother living in East Switzerland  had exploited her son ,i do not want to recapture the details offered by the media,but the worst … Continue reading

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Eli wiesel:Then and now

“When one writes about the holocauat,he does not write words,he struggles  with words because there are no words to describe what the victims felt when death was the norm and life was a miracle.”   – Eli Wiesel Eli wiesel … Continue reading

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