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The Jewish wedding i never had

Why did i not have a Jewish wedding ? I didn’t have a Jewish man to marry; i broke up with one man who actually gave me a ring but placed a condition that i would complete a phD and … Continue reading

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Charles, i hardly knew you but better late than never

I never heard of the guy but i heard other men and women of my tribe whose words caused me to feel rage and frustration and so it is with open arms , an embrace after life that i welcome the … Continue reading

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A visit to the Arab- Jewish school

( The late Rabbi Menachem Froman with the Dali Lama ) This afternoon i had scheduled a meeting with the principal at  an  Arab-Jewish school , i was looking forward to this interview because i wanted to work with children of … Continue reading

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In parenthesis

“life’s not a paragraph And death i think is no parenthesis” ― E.E. Cummings   The forecast today is Iranian missiles in the north and terrorists infiltration  in the south and then i got hit by hail … what is … Continue reading

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Lag Baomer for beginners

Lag Baomer began last night , and tonight i will hopefully attend the Vegan picnic of the Animal liberation front.  Chabad and i have had our differences regarding vegetarian eating and other issues however i have a lot of respect … Continue reading

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Rising from the ashes

Lately i have found great interest in personal family  history of other people, and Lisa Kudrow’s family story is particularly painful and touching for me, since my mother ‘s  maternal grandmother met the same fate as Lisa kudrow’s great grandmother , however … Continue reading

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The command “Don’t” Doesn’t usually go well With me So when a personal trainer one of several who save money on studios and invade the public sphere ;the park next to the polluted river,with pot belly business people or body … Continue reading

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