Ode to Yosef ,my fake facebook friend

The phone rings

A strange voice of a man introduces himself as Yosef from Beer Sheva, the distant southern biblical city .

“Where do I know you from ?

I ask

And the simple elderly working man states

“From Facebook

I am seeking a friend !”

Oh boy,i think ,are you ever barking up the wrong tree ..

why would Yosef assume I would be interested in being his friend when we had not even liked one another’s posts and risking sounding arrogant

I am So out of his league !

Yused,a simple worker ,construction,factory or store keeper ,clearly uneducated ,a simple man who votes for the current Israeli prime minister ,eats meat, thinks dogs should be tied to a post outside and street cats collected and dumped somewhere far away..he expects woman to be cleaning washing cooking and silently joint him on trips to a huge supermarket where he purchases lots of meat for barbques and soft drinks and maybe beer

Yosef makes his own hummus,spends hours watching soccer and reality shows on tv,gambles money on soccer games and owns an old car that needs constant repair and takes up most of his time.

No,Yosef ,I am not interested in being your friend .only on Facebook where it is all fake anyway

But i know you can not read this since you don’t know English .

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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