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the light shining from the dark

It never fails to astonish me how some of the poorest people in the world in material are often times richest in generosity towards helping others!

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why i will not visit a death camp

With  a personal family  history in the death camps; my maternal grandmother lost her mother , siblings and most of their children in death camps in Europe, i took my sons one summer  to visit the  European city my mother and her … Continue reading

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Punish German BDS teachers, say US and Israeli labor-union leaders — The JPost I think the main points in why this incident is so ugly is: 1)My teachers had always been politically neutral which is how it should be except to teach democracy . 2)The  EXCLUSIVE focus on the Jewish state excluding … Continue reading

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This year

This year i think of all the kings and world leaders who had gathered in Jerusalem to honor the life of a man who sought peace after he sought security, teaching  the world a   lesson; there is one king above … Continue reading

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Watch “Bad Behaviour (Parenting Documentary) – Real Stories” on YouTube

A beautiful film about how with just a bit of guidance,change is possible. I think ,speaking from experience,it is about changing approach and ability to work together. I personally never achieved progress that way but i think too many children … Continue reading

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If you ever wondered why education is in such a sad state listen to the tale of two teachers; One always had a curious mind,collected plants and animals,attended science for youth programs and watched BBC documentaries by David Attenborough.She was … Continue reading

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the first day of school

This morning school started in most  parts of Switzerland ,it has been quite some time since i had sent a child to school with their snack and school bag all ready to learn ,mostly how to get along with other … Continue reading

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