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late night thought

On Monday  the American writer Jonathan Safron Foer  had said; “No one ever is about to die regretting not having answered more emails.” i might be the first one… Advertisements

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an almost all inclusive holiday online card to all celebrating in cyberland online

  and here is some dark humour for Ivanka Trump  and for all those Donald Trump supporters : And for all those who have been bad this year and for those who celebrate Chanuka  and an addition To the extremists there … Continue reading

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my gmail account is inaccessible

If anyone has been trying to send me emails on my gmail account, it is impossible, since i lost my SIM card, i can not access the gmail account, it means all those connections are temporary lost,  my message is … Continue reading

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Arabs spread incitement on Facebook page of murdered cop – Arutz Sheva A violent man attacks a police officer maintaining calm status quo on the temple mount where ISIS flags already wave.. Where a Mufti preaches to the masses to murder “subhuman”jews, An Israeli Judge postpones prison sentence impressed by the … Continue reading

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The religion of piss again pisses me off

  Chelsea Hotel #2 Leonard Cohen I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, You were talking so brave and so sweet, Giving me head on the unmade bed, While the limousines wait in the street. Those were the reasons … Continue reading

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Cultural radio

While cooking i listen to swiss cultural radio.The swiss play Finnish music that sounds to me like the sound of  nails on blackboard. Finnish folklore singing Fills the room; Disharmony Creates chaos In my mind: Is this only A matter … Continue reading

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If i could translate this to German

Dear honorable cheap internet provider, Last week ,without warning,my internet AND telephone were disconnected. A cold icy communication agent working on  the hotline insisted on no exceptions. I found myself unable to phone or send a copy of the bill,therefore … Continue reading

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