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when you believe

Kristalnacht, November 9th, 1938   On November 9 to November 10, 1938, in an incident known as “Kristallnacht”, Nazis in Germany torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes, schools and businesses and killed close to 100 Jews. In the aftermath of Kristallnacht, … Continue reading

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The road

“The road to recovery is always under construction “ -Lily Tomlin And i feel that the road towards words is always under revision…i have been doing a lot of that lately. One one hand one must write like a river, flowing unblocked … Continue reading

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The artist’s way:day one

“The artist’s way”by Julia Cameron. After being told for years i should read this book.Here we are. I liked this quote: “The position of the artist is humble.He is essentiallly a channel.”    – Piet Mondrian “The music of this … Continue reading

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Talking to someone i should have been silent to

Me:Excuse me,i was busy writing ,  quickly posting a piece on my blog.. Man of my tribe  i just met with his young children and google phD wife.* Man:oh,how many people read your blog. Me:I just had a NEW SUBSCRIBER … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis of the Metamorphosis

A seagull adaptation to F Kafka’s short story-metaphor . My son had to study this story for school so i thought of a way to make this difficult sad and complex story more approachable. Gregor samsa dreamed He’d become a … Continue reading

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God help the child-the end

“God help the child”by Toni Morrison Ok.It took me less than 24 hours  to read the book and i was even busy doing other things so you can imagine the word “breathtaking”fails to describe and so without spoiling the suspense … Continue reading

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A late awakening

“With the presence came the Agape and a kind of automatic expectation of Synchronicity and a remembering to make sure along the way that I had told the absolute truth to others-voicing especially the intuitive ideas that I felt they … Continue reading

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