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Have a happy day

“start each day with a smile on your face and a song in your heart” -Snoopy  

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Dogs in winter:Lets shelter them from the storms!

The dog seems the very clone of my  own dog,  However my dog  is beneath a blanket while this dog who looks so much like her  is freezing !!! The little shivering dog is standing next to a  man dressed … Continue reading

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Watch “Inside A Dog’s Brain: Do Dogs Love Us?” on YouTube

Dogs are very dependent on humans for food,bathroom ,health ,shelter and emotional needs but then again they are also grateful for the most part unlike other pets who seem unaware. I’ve had a cat who displayed affection but only when … Continue reading

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Thank you for the reminder ,Jackie Malutin!

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coming to Kyburg :Hike challenge day three

Cleaning one place  always causes more chaos in another so i could not find my battery recharger so there are few photos and none of the castle but google came to my rescue ..but after almost having slipped off a … Continue reading

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Say thank you ,please.

It was a dark cold Autumn night,two minutes to closing time i enter the Swiss cheap supermarket in search of cheese and fruit. The lady at the checkout rushed to me informing the shop is about to close,at the cheese … Continue reading

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But did you look at the sky today?

“To seclude yourself in order to pour out your heart to God is of supreme value,the highest of all levels.” “The six hundres thousand letters of the Torah* correspond to the six hundred thousand souls present at mount Sinai when … Continue reading

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