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Watch “RZA: We’re Not Different in Any Important Way” on YouTube

We are all the same we have the same organs pumping blood through our different bodies and the same sensation of pain and joy but some feel more and some feel less and those who are able to think more … Continue reading

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The dehumanization of humans by humans : correspondence with a Rabbi

Tonight i found this article accusing PETA of failing to recognise the spiritual greatness of human beings but the esteemed Rabbi who had written this article which is a point of view which is very familiar to me from having … Continue reading

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The santa Clarita diet

This morning i saw a PETA film showing a breast of chicken fried in a pan, then reversing the process of how that chicken breast has reached your plate, by showing how chickens are treated in the meat industry; now this … Continue reading

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uniting heart mind and body and soul”>#NewYearsResolution</a&gt; <a href=”″></a></p>&mdash; PETA (@peta) <a href=”″>January 3, 2017

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st. George is gone

The news of George Michael’s death at 53 disturbed the Christmas  holiday prolonged imprisonment . I was never a fan of the fun loving entertainer who had serious  social issues hidden in the texts of his songs about the lack … Continue reading

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Watch “Oil-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies // vegan, gluten-free, healthy” on YouTube with yoga !

I wanted to bring some cookies to my spiritual advisor for our meeting today but i forgot to buy butter or margerine  so i searched on youtube and found this vegan cookie recipie: 1cup of cornflakes 1cup of rolled oats … Continue reading

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Cops kill cow after wild chase through Pocatello’s north side | Local | If you look carefully ,you will find articles about cows being chased by police quite often appearing at the back of the  daily newspaper. A farmer at a local Swiss biological farm had recently told me of a cow … Continue reading

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