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loud and clear

The skies above the city are a stark blue, but beneath the people are so loud and indifferent to me

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buried and recovering

Buried and recovering,  I too wish to be buried beneath the middle eastern sun and come out again instead of having to run to another place another loss  of identity another loss another recovery Mike Parr, the Australian artist, at … Continue reading

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I had better days day

Being always close to Science in a sort of snuggly cosy hug i used to feel often during the days before the innocent veil had lifted and i had discovered Math was necessary to proceed with science , i still like … Continue reading

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good mental habits

For years i was busy thinking, is it me? is it me? but then sometimes it is a sort of combination; you find yourself in a place that is not good for you and you refuse to move on, that … Continue reading

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Seven good funny fuzzy thoughts by Woody Allen

“We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.”   2. “All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort … Continue reading

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why do we mind ?

Why do we mind where a person was born,  what language they speak,  what they look like, when deep down inside  we all live  outside the box  we are placed  in by  those who mind?      

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The greatness of gratitude

There’s this story that when we are grateful and say thank you for what we HAVE, then the universe, or G-d, or whatever higher forces you envision or just think are magnetic forces etc. decide to give you more of … Continue reading

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Watch “Donald Trump – Curse or Blessing? – Channeling Ananda” on YouTube

Excellent explaination how to turn around. Took the words right out of my mouth!!! Posted from WordPress for Android

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On the way:morning edition

Rain has people clustered in a grey bus station. An elderly wrinkeled Steel grey haired woman occupies a seat that could have been mine with a small handbag. As the bus arrives, the women go to the main entrance, I … Continue reading

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