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The distant touch-part one and two

Merchak Negia is an Israeli film about the meeting of two very different subcultures in Israel ; ultra orthodox versus Russian new immigrants.  Since there is no English subtitles, there are only Russian subtitles , the film is in Hebrew … Continue reading

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an almost all inclusive holiday online card to all celebrating in cyberland online

  and here is some dark humour for Ivanka Trump  and for all those Donald Trump supporters : And for all those who have been bad this year and for those who celebrate Chanuka  and an addition To the extremists there … Continue reading

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Light or dark:What to focus on ?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. The question on how to overcome the darkness within and the darkness surrounding us has been … Continue reading

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shining too

Thank you, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz!   Despite his debilitating disease, the Rabbi writes a blog every week using his eyes and computer technology to spread the light of learning, The Rabbi’s  family had  found the song he had recorded on … Continue reading

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a song for a holy day

Every day should be a holy day  it should not have a name  but should always have this aim to sing of peace  to speak of peace  and motivate us to do peace  and be peace! Thank  you to all … Continue reading

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unable able; thoughts for a new era

After my  gmail account remains inaccessible and my contacts list as well, i have found a silver lining; i have lost my google plus account which kept me busy at least one hour a day, now i have to find a … Continue reading

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Grateful alive

Reading about being grateful as a way towards better days  so i thank the universe for complicated forms on my path  for all the obstacles that stand in my way because once  i have arrived in my final destination,  i … Continue reading

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