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All in the family :Donald trump in DSM5

  Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a cluster B personality disorder, is considered to be one of the least identified personality disorders (Pies, 2011). On the other hand, a good number of patients with narcissistic traits present at the psychiatrist’s office … Continue reading

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scapegoat in German

Scapegoat is German is Sündenbock ,the goat that is used for blame for one’s sins. The origin of the phrase is in the Bible, the old testament. Scapegoats rarely change, once it is established a certain group or individual is … Continue reading

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What is depression?

I once read a saying “Before you decide you feel depressed,ask yourself whether you are not spending too much time with assholes” Please excuse the rude term but i wonder,how depression comes about from environmental factors; -Lack of ability to … Continue reading

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plenty of Psychopaths

Dedicated to the plenty of psychopaths i have met on the path of life, too often. They get the top mangement jobs because they could not care less  about anyone else  but being in a position of power  to tell everyone … Continue reading

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The truth according to the receiver

Kabbalah: That which is received. That which cannot be known through science or intellectual pursuit alone. An inner knowledge that has been passed down from sage to student from the earliest of times. A discipline that awakens awareness of the … Continue reading

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Watch “George Carlin: Political Nonsense” on YouTube

A guide to the perplexed. Better to listen to George Carlin before  the debates. Posted from WordPress for Android

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Watch “Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive Part 1” on YouTube

with an odd face and an amazibg honesty Stephan Fry says: most of the world’s inventions and creativity have been the result of an unusual mind. Embracing the weird and the insane as worthy! A  wonderful man i for one … Continue reading

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Watch “Ruby Wax and Dr Robert Lefever discuss depression and treatment on BBC World News” on YouTube

while i admire Ruby wax’s spunk seems to me she is very disrespectful of  hearing other opinions or even listening to other opinions on the matter,she did not seem to be listening to what the doctor was saying! The doctor … Continue reading

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The road

“The road to recovery is always under construction “ -Lily Tomlin And i feel that the road towards words is always under revision…i have been doing a lot of that lately. One one hand one must write like a river, flowing unblocked … Continue reading

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seeing the light

“the light at the  end of the tunnel” “A story told by Simon Peres to Paulo Cohelo When does dawn begin ? A rabbi asked his pupils. One said, when you can tell the difference between a dog and a sheep … Continue reading

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