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Watch “Pharrell Williams – Happy (Telfaz11 Cover)” on YouTube

The song that describes what the world will feel when Hillary becomes President and wins the election Tuesday! Breaking sterotypes! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Liberal Zionists, We Lost the Kids – Opinion – Israel News Last week i talked to D. Who said he wanted to go to israel but since he is part of a jews for jesus movement ,married a deeply religious christian,had a tribe of children,he claimed he was rejected.I think … Continue reading

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true every day Posted from WordPress for Android

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an open letter to all those women

An open letter to all those women who bring crying babies to  places where i go to write.  I don’t know whether the baby cries before you come in for your latte or after but just stay home, watch Sesame street … Continue reading

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out of the darkness

“How many jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb? None. It’s alright. I’ll just sit in the dark.”    – A jewish mother joke only i can tell.. This morning as i was getting out of bed,placing … Continue reading

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Watch “Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive Part 1” on YouTube

with an odd face and an amazibg honesty Stephan Fry says: most of the world’s inventions and creativity have been the result of an unusual mind. Embracing the weird and the insane as worthy! A  wonderful man i for one … Continue reading

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words to a daughter for later in life

words for my daughter on her 20th birthday The swiss doctor i had visited today after two weeks of flu and coughing ,  had asked me whether i sleep enough, and i admitted i did not, confessing i was watching … Continue reading

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Who  to take aboard? It’s up to you. Who do you leave behind? It’s up to you. The Thai negotiation phrase Can one travel not by trains But in the tracks of the mind? It’s up to you You said … Continue reading

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the most absurd email ever

I just received an email from this woman with a double Jewish last  name European and Sephardic , i have never heard of before from a forum called “respectability”,asking me to pray for Shimon Peres,the former Israeli president and nobel … Continue reading

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accepting rejections

life offers you pretty packages wrapped with what seems to be silk ribbons then tells you; “you can’t have this” later, much later, whatever does not want you seems more attractive, more beautiful. shining in a thousand rays of a … Continue reading

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