A mother

She brings her children various food items, they sit around like princes and princesses , she serves them as though they are royalty asking them what they want to eat. 

I want to whisper to the children “you will miss her when she dies” 

but she comes back and brings more food …they sit and eat , one son has a thick novel based on a tv series or the other way around , a rather violent show, am i bored that i should observe other people’s children while they seem to ignore me? 

Look ! I point at the large dog’s fur, she has a rainbow, there is a spectrum somewhere breaking the light into various colors…the child seems to not hear me, i am a breeze, a cool breeze in this hellish summer, the wind sometimes blows my hat off my head, i look forward to the visit of the plumber..

One child begins to whine to the mother, entitlement is the Israeli parenting style, treat the children as though they were royalty and then stand back and watch them treat you like servants …

My mother lived to serve too but she did that at HOME ,and never ever took us to eat out..that was against her code of ethics that dictated NO EATING OUT, one day, she bought me a pink yogurt, i can still taste the artificial strawberry flavour of it, and recall the place where we stopped to eat on the way home from the beach …


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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